Hochzeitsfotograf Starnberger See München

The wedding of Reserl & Fabi showed us that this day can be more than showing two people in love.

Their day showed us their deep and long lasting friendships, the families of bride and groom grown and melted together after years and the deep bond between a father and his son & a mum between her daughter.
Their wedding revealed the altruistic personalities of the two celebrating their day on the birthday of Reserl’s mum.
Moreover it taught us that sometimes the former traditional wedding dress of your mum and a bouquet of the garden of your grandma can be as beautiful as the most other fancy and modern dresses and bouquets.

Their wedding location itself, an old sailing club next to the Starnberger See, showed the roots of their families. The sailing club at “Starnberger See“ is the place where Fabi’s great grandparents used to go and to this day Fabi and Reserl love the sport, it’s one of their biggest hobbies and a very big part of their life.

In the end the emotional speech of Fabi about Reserl, their love and their life together summarized their whole story.
For us being at their wedding was more than capturing one important day in their life.
It was like capturing their life in one day.

Thanks for your trust in us being your wedding photographer. So that we could be part of your deep & authenitc wedding full of love and connection.

We won’t ever forget.

And of course thank you for your awesome feedback and recommendation.

„Ich kann Paul und Stephanie jedem wärmstens empfehlen! Das sind nicht nur großartige Fotografen, sondern auch sehr angenehme Menschen. Die Zeit beim Shooting verlief wie ein Zusammensein mit Freunden und die Bilder, die dabei entstanden waren natürlich, detailverliebt und sehr emotional. Hier seid ihr in guten Händen!! Fabi „

Location: Bayerischer Yacht-Club, Starnberger See

Seid Ihr auch noch auf der Suche nach Eurem Fotografen? Dann schreibt uns gerne!

Hochzeitsfotograf Starnberger See München – Paul and Stephanie Photography

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