Hochzeitsreportage Regensburg

Happy and emotional wedding

After years of shooting weddings one could think that it’s kind the same for us weekend after weekend, wedding after wedding.
However this is not the case.

Every couple is unique and so are the weddings we shoot.

Sometimes we laugh a lot with our couples, we are nervous with our couples or we have good cries with them (ok, the crying part is definitely mine, Steffi).

So, you know you are emotionally attached with your couples if you cry not only throughout the ceremony but also during the bride’s father’s speech, the congratulations and the first dance.

And then you cry again.

2 days later.

When you have a look through all pictures.

I’m not sure what it was that made me burst into tears over and over again. Probably there are a lot of reasons. Like the implicit trust in us, the beauty and love to every single detail throughout the wedding or the warm and open minded families.

No matter what it was exactly we felt like being a part of something very special & deep.

Nina & Chris you two are really awesome and really meant to be! Thanks for sharing your story with us and thanks for your lovely feedback!

“Vielen, vielen Dank für Eure wunderschönen Fotos! Wir sind wirklich immer noch total geflasht und allen, die die Bilder bisher gesehen haben, geht es genau so! Liebe Grüße Nina”

BRAUTKLEID: La Donna Hochzeitsatelier
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Melanie Ferstl
TORTE: Die Zuckerbäckerin
BLUMEN: Blume No.9
LOCATION: Hesperidengarten

Hochzeitsreportage Regensburg | Paul and Stephanie Photography

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